"Because you’re drunk? Maybe. I don’t know" she bit back sarcastically not letting him lay his fingers on her when he was that drunk. "Why did you get this drunk?" She questioned him, moving into their kitchen where she ran a large glass of water before passing it to him "I’m not having a discussion with you until you’re sobered up, it’s like talking to a Rottweiler" she muttered, she turned the TV off in the living room, shutting all of the lights off apart from the lamp in his bedroom.

"So what? I’ve been drunk plenty of times before what’s different this time?" he asked, following her to the kitchen. He saw the glass of water and frowned, his eyes glancing back up to see Poppy waling out and turning off all the lights. "I could say the same about you." he mumbled and tipped the glass over onto the floor, making it smash and then ran to his bed. He instantly began to undress to his briefs and then slid into bed and pulled Poppy on top of him. "You missed me though, like I missed you." Landon slurred, his hands gripping her thighs, "You missed you’re bad boy and you like me like this."

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Poppy heard the door slam shut and the heavy footsteps of landon stumbling about in the apartment. She sighed as she peed, listening out as he yelled out for her. She jumped up, tugging her shorts up and left the bathroom “I’m here baby!” She yelled out walking through to the bedroom to see him furious. “Why are you so drunk?” She sighed, leaning against the door frame as she yanked his phone from his pocket. “You literally stink of alcohol and cigarettes” she mumbled, walking over to the bed to sit on the end of it.

Landon searched until Poppy spoke up and walked towards her voice, seeing her standing and frowning at her. “Because I downed a bottle of scotch babe.” he laughed and walked over to her, attempting to cuddle her before she moved away. “What the fuck is your fucking problem? All I want is to cuddle and fuck and stuff why won’t you do that with me?” he growled angrily. 

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Poppy could already tell he was going to get ridiculously drunk tonight by the fact he didn’t take his car to the house he walked instead. She sighed, she couldn’t stop him nor would she but she was kind of disappointed that she hadn’t even been her twenty four hours after quitting the university of her dreams and moving across the country and he was off out partying. She rolled her eyes, locking the door behind him, she walked around the apartment locking all of the windows and drawing the curtains closed because she was extremely paranoid and anxious in new places. She settled down on the sofa scrolling through Instagram and twitter to pass the hours without him.

Landon arrived at the house within no time and got his order, happily smoking his blunt with the thoughts of Poppy in his head fading out as he relaxed a bit more. He didn’t like being alone, but with Poppy being here he felt pressure to be perfect for her. And this one moment he could just relax. Soon enough, the guys opened up the scotch and beers and Landon was piss drunk. 6 hours later at 1am, he walked home and stumbled with his keys, cursing as he couldn’t get in. Walking in, he tripped over his own feet to see the TV on but the couch empty. He continued to the bedroom and saw no sign of Poppy. “Where the fuck is she?!” he yelled to himself and tried to get his phone out of his pocket.

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Poppy looked down at landon as he pouted in her lap, she scratched his head “I’m not mad, I’m just anxious” she admitted, placing her wine glass on the table. She played with his hair silently for a while as he rested in her lap, she knew he’d be going out in a minute so she figured she wouldn’t piss him off before he left. “I’ll see you when you get back yeah? I’ll keep the bed warm” she smiled, standing up from the couch and pulling him up. She wrapped her arms around him and pressed her lips against his “no girls” she reminded him before he left.

Landon felt a bit of guilt in the pit of his stomach and knew she had every right to be anxious. She was on the money with her accusation. “Don’t be anxious. I’ll be fine and I’ll be home.” he assured her as he looked up to her seriously, blinking a few too many times. After relaxing with Poppy, he got another text asking where he was and Poppy made the move to get him up. He wrapped his arms around her tight, her feet being lifted off the floor easily. Pecking her lips he smirked cheekily, “What about you?” he teased, raising his eyebrows suggestively. Though he soon let Poppy down and walked out the door, blowing her a kiss and walked to the house.

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Poppy sat down on the sofa as he took his call putting on Frozen and snuggling down “take a key in case I fall asleep” she advised him, munching down on some left over pancakes. She didn’t bother asking him to stay in again because it was clear he’d rather be at a party than spent their first proper night together. “Steph isn’t going is she?” She asked him, raising an eerie as she swallowed down a gulp of her red wine. She was intentionally trying to test him but the fact he hadn’t even invited her to go out with him made her feel like he was hiding something, she didn’t know what she’d do if she found out he was still seeing Steph. It would hurt a lot, and right now she didn’t totally trust that he wasn’t lying to her and sneaking behind her back.

Landon looked to Poppy, knowing she was obvious on edge. She definitely knew him well enough to know when he was doing something bad. At least he wasn’t cheating, he would never to that. Well, never intentionally. He didn’t count Steph. Landon hung up the phone and sat next to Poppy when she asked about Steph. Frowning, he shook his head, “No, she is just in my class. I won’t be seeing her again, especially after you spoke to her.” he said, cuddling into her, his head on her lap and closed his eyes while she watched Frozen. “It’s one night. Don’t be mad.” he whispered to her. He only did this shit once a week so far and if he didn’t go, he knew he would be a mess the next few days.

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The way landon jumped made poppy paranoid, she was being silly and over dramatic about everything but he was acting the way he’d act when they first started dating and he’d sneak around behind her back going to parties. She sighed, pressing her face against the small of his back “you’re so annoying” she whined, letting him go so she could slide a pair of pyjama shorts and a vest on in the bedroom. She came back out into the living room and poured herself a glass of wine, seeing as hew as going out she figured she’d have a pamper night to herself. “Don’t be home late please baby, I’ve missed you” she pouted as she sat cross legged on his couch. “Someone’s ringing you” she said taking his phone to him in the bedroom, in reality she was just checking it wasn’t Steph or another girl

He frowned when she called him annoying and let go, “I can’t help it if I have plans for once.” he called back and sat on the couch, still in his towel. When Poppy came into get some wine, he knew she was going to over exagerate being left alone in their apartment and that he would bite his tongue to hold back a comment about the last few months for him. He decided to get away before that became the case and pulled on some sweatpants before hearing his phone ring. He took it from Poppy and kissed her cheek before answering it. “Trev, hey…yeah I’m still up for it…be there in liiiiike an hour. Right. Later, don’t forget my shit!” he said and hung up, tossing his phone on the bed.

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Poppy whined as he got put or the sower, she rinsed her body before climbing out after him. She dried herself and then slid her body into a large fluffy dressing gown before padding out into the living room, landon was reaching for his phone so she walked up behind him and nuzzled herself in his back “why don’t you call off tonight and stay in with me? We can cuddle and have sex, don’t leave me” she pouted, hugging him tightly so there wasn’t a tiny gap between them

Landon walked to the living room and saw he had all these missed calls from this new group he was hanging out with. It was where he was headed tonight. He didn’t know how or what to tell Poppy that he was maybe doing weed again. Without her he felt weak and lonely and these were the only people that got him. Laid back, could handle a mean joke and were fighters. Now she was back he knew she would find out, but he didn’t want to quit just yet. He read through his order on his phone before he felt Poppy behind him, making him jump. “Jesus babe, don’t warn me you’re there.” he said and looked to her as she cuddled into him tighter. “It’s one night baby, we can do all that tomorrow and when I come home later okay?”

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"Oh sush" she hushed him, ridding his hair of the soap, he always complained that her nails were long and annoying but she never listened to him. She finished washing his hair and then laughed to herself "my wingey little baby" she teased him, sticking her tongue out at him. "I was going to wash you, but you don’t like my nails so I guess I’ll just wash myself" she grinned, massaging the shower gel into her arms and stomach. Her hands slowly crept up to her boobs where she ‘washed’ them gently with her hands before turning her back to him

"Make them shorter, you don’t need to impress me." he said cockily with a smirk on his face. He knew Poppy did her nails like that for herself, not him. He pouted when he finished and rubbed his head, the whole stuation reminding him of when a kid would get their head washed by their mom and complain. Landon kept his eyes on Poppy as she washed herself and laughed a bit when she turned around. "Okay, I’m gonna get out and have a wank." he informed her and got out of the shower and began to dry himself, walking to the living room with the towel around his waist.

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